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IBC registered or IHR registered Biewers are welcome 'less hassle NO overseas payment charge' !! 

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                                     Established 15/03/2013 

In the link below Academy Award Winner Kathy Bates explains she has a Biewer Yorkshire Terrier That Carries the rare recessive piabald Gene

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Exquisite Biewer Golddust Yorkshire Terrier Puppy Breeder Home ...‎
Biewer Yorkshire Breeder with Exquisite Biewer and Golddust Puppies For Sale. ... Kathy Bates for providing Multi-Champion Austin & Brianna's beautiful pup ...

Mr Biewers dogs are recognized in Germany by the ACH.E.V AS TRI YORKIES a new colour not a new breed how can a dog be a new breed based on colour ? please check out Biewer World Database you will see both Tri Colour Yorkies Black and Tan, Chocolate Gold and Schoko colours in the pedigrees... Its only American backed Biewer Terrier clubs that say its a Different breed this is false infomation the Biewer Yorkshire Terrier is a Tri Colored Yorkshire Terrier, some fools also believe Mr Biewer bred Shih Tzu into his dogs but he clearly DID NOT !!! ,as all Traces are made back on the INGRUS.NET pedigree data base it is clear to see that all Biewer Terrier and Biewer Yorkshire Terriers all go back to Two Traditional Yorkshire Terriers who carried the De Novo Mutation of the white Spotting Gene

Please be Aware Biewer Terrier clubs out side of Germany are nothing to do with the International Biewer Yorkshire Terrier club in Germany. They often give out false information please watch the video on the next page of Mrs Biewer, she never agreed to have them called 'Biewer Terrier'

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The Biewer Yorkshire Terrier 


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Some of My tri coloured yorkies resemble Biewer Yorkshire Terrier but some are not blood related

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The two purebred and Registered Yorkshire Terriers who are reportedly ... TRI (Piebald) colored Yorkshire Terriers have been around as long as the breed has but ....Association (basically a pedigree registry), CKC - Continental Kennel Club, ...
The Yorkie Coat
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To correctly match the standard the Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkie) puppy must remove all ... Yorkshire Terrier Yorkie ) Puppies can be born of colors that automatically deprive them of the necessary qualities to become the proper colors of the breed. ... Of course, if you don't plan to show your dog and don't want the hassle of ...

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